Connie Porazka

MBSR Instructor
Co-Founder Retreat To Joy 


Connie Porazka is passioned by the power of the present moment. She is Wichita's first Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor. She has trained with Allan Goldstein at

UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness.  


She is very proud to be a Wichitan and is on a mission to bring mindfulness to her community. Co-founding Retreat To Joy in 2016, she self-funded a seminar on Chronic Pain at Riordan Clinic and officially started the first Camp Happy Day.  


Retreat To Joy is an extension of Connie's passion for greater community wellness.  


Connie has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry working for GSK where she served as a Regional Trainer, and for Riordan Clinic.  


A firm believer in reaching beyond western medicine to tackle today's health issues,

Connie foresees the growth of integrative methods.  


Connie is on a mission to bring Joy to all.  

Connie's Mindfulness Employee Seminar

Joy is being in the present moment. The ability to be happy no matter what happens.

Connie Porazka