Our mission is to build and transform individuals and companies through mindfulness so as to help grow and nurture a kinder Wichita.


The techniques of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) are an integral part of what we do.  But, we know that other techniques are out there, which is why we never stop learning, listening and adapting to our customers.


We understand the importance of science, and how it is proving what has been know for centuries: mindfulness is good for the mind. Studies continue to show that mindfulness helps individuals experience a greater sense of well-being and helps companies thrive.


Our core values extend to how we envision companies in today's world. We strive to demonstrate daily how good business practices and a passion for community can co-exist.


Staying true to our core values is helping us create a company we can be proud of.

4703 Miles

Retreat To Joy really started 30 years ago when we bought one-way tickets to Paris, France.  In an era before startups, social media and the Internet, we plunged together into the world of entrepreneurship.  Looking back, it was daring, a bit of crazy, and maybe too far from home.


Needless to say, things didn't quite work out the way we planned.  Entrepreneurship in France back then was very risky, costly and not ready for the youthful (maybe a bit whimsical) energy of two young girls from Kansas.


Even if we didn't get to start a company in France, the entrepreneurial desire never died off.  


We've aged. That's true.  But, our desire for creating, striving and learning hasn't.  In fact, we were entrepreneurs in our jobs, raising children, and in our daily lives.  Because, isn't entrepreneurship really about creating, forging ahead, putting self-doubt behind and taking those daily plunges? 


We think so.


Okay, so what happened after landing in Paris? (Good question.)


Connie moved back to Wichita one year later and began her path of health and well-being. Working for GSK and Riordan Clinic, she saw the intricate dynamics of the two worlds of medicine.  While working for the Wichita Eagle and Beacon she created a directory for young parents, bringing together her passion for Wichita and her new role as a young mother.  


As time when on, Connie saw the changes happening in healthcare.  Traditional, western medicine wasn't the only game in town. There was something else out there being called alternative medicine.  Connie felt both could (and should) co-exist. As meditation started to move beyond the fringes of the 60's, she embraced its powers in dealing with her own health issues.  It sparked a desire to help others find joy in their lives.  Et voila, Retreat To Joy was born in 2016.


Susan, on the other hand, stayed in France and pursued her work in marketing and communications, combined with a love for high-tech and diverse cultures.  Working for TI and IBM, she got to relish both during the advent of the personal home computer and the Internet.  Highlights included launching IBM's first home computer in Europe, and the company's partnership with Yahoo as it began to launch in Europe.  So long ago, but boy was it fun.  Watching an era begin.  She still remembers making her first International cell phone call. Yes! Calling Paris while in the Chicago airport. 


So, how do two friends stay connected with the Atlantic Ocean in between? Simple. The Internet.  Voice over data. Dreams. Planes. Life.


Entrepreneurship is a family thing. You lean in. Find your friend and never hesitate to ask for help. Isn't that what best friends are for? 


Never hang up on your dreams.  The line is always open. And a good friend is always on the other end. 


For Connie and Susan, well here it is.  Retreat To Joy.