Susan Langmann

Co-Founder Retreat To Joy


Susan is a wellness enthusiast, mom, and co-founder of Retreat to Joy, and is a firm believer in self-care and looking beyond the confines of traditional medicine. As a caregiver and a mother, her passion is seeking good health through everyday habits.


 A sports enthusiast, using physical health as a tool for going beyond one's fears, she practices her own form of mindfulness while trailing in the forest or slushing through the mud on her mountain bike. 


Susan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA from Wichita State University.  She began her professional career at The Wichita Eagle and later moved to France where she served in multiple management roles at the European-level in the areas of communications and marketing for IBM. 


A passion for high-tech and helping young companies in their global communication strategy, she founded a marketing agency in France.