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1. Leading Mindfully

Complete all 8 sessions for certification. Once the prerequisite of 'Intro to Mindfulness' is completed, these courses may be taken in any order within 12 months of the program start date.

  • INTRO TO MINDFULNESS (2-hour) session is not only an introduction to mindful techniques but also helps participants determine ways to work a mindful practice into their daily life. (This session is a prerequisite for all other sessions.)

  • MINDFUL COMMUNICATION (1-Hour) communicating is something most take for granted and then are surprised when it doesn’t go the way they assumed it would. This session helps participants apply mindful techniques for more effective communication.

  • DECISION MAKING (1-Hour) effective decision making is a skill. This session will focus on how you can be more mindful when making decisions. By helping you effectively plan, implement, and manage results, you are freed from second-guessing your decisions.

  • CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION (1-Hour) focus and mental presence allows creativity and innovation to become a natural state of mind. This session will focus on techniques to help you explore this side of yourself and new possibilities.

  • STRESS MANAGEMENT (1-Hour) this course is for those feeling overwhelmed and cluttered. This session provides techniques and mindful ideas to help you separate your mind from stressors and deal more effectively with all life throws at you.

  • COLLABORATION (1-Hour) this session focuses on how you may be standing in the way of your own relationships, both personal and professional. Introduces mindful techniques that help you be more collaborative and invite others to collaborate with you.

  • STRATEGY AND VISION (1-Hour) It’s hard to achieve anything without a plan. This session shares techniques that help you be more mindful of your goals and better focused on developing your course of action to achieve them.

  • PROBLEM SOLVING (1-Hour) This session helps you prepare to deal more effectively when a problem presents itself. From responding more positively, to being open to more solutions, mindfulness techniques can help you take on any issue.

2. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program

(8-Week MBSR Session) A deep dive into mindfulness, offered quarterly, following the program designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn for use in medical and community settings – training includes 8 weekly 2.5-hour experiential sessions and a full-day silent retreat. Discussion and support provided to help you develop a daily mindfulness practice involving techniques such as breath awareness, seated and walking meditation, mindful movement/yoga, mindful eating and communication.

Note: All trainings are experiential and provides positive applications for both your personal life and your professional therapy practice. Participants receive printed and/or e-mailed materials, workbook/small notebook and pen, and a signed certificate of completion.

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